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Electrical Resistivity (ER)

Versatile subsurface imaging tools for the most demanding geologic, environmental, and hydrogeologic investigations.

We make resistivity measurements by introducing an electrical current into the earth between a pair of electrodes and measuring the potential electric current between a second pair of electrodes. A linear electrode array produces a 2D cross-section of the subsurface environment.

  • Delineating the depth, thickness, and lateral extent of geologic strata (sands and gravels associated with paleo-stream channels)
  • Locating geologic and structural anomalies
  • Mapping contaminant plumes
  • Locating and delineating landfills
  • Mapping subsurface voids and sinkholes


Our Locations: Charleston, South Carolina; Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville and Greensboro North Carolina; Marietta, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida.  Visit our contact page for details.