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Utility Coordination

Navigating the complex challenges of identifying utility conflicts and resolutions early and throughout your project’s duration.

In today’s competitive market, avoiding delays caused by utility conflicts is crucial to your project’s success. Historically, public and private utility entities have been permitted to utilize roadway rights-of-way for the benefit and safety of residents dependent upon critical utilities such as water, sewer, electricity, gas, and communications. When a proposed design or construction project potentially conflicts with these utilities, significant impacts on plans and schedules often occur, affecting your bottom line

GEL Solutions offers utility coordination services to assist you throughout the life cycle of your project. GEL Solutions accomplishes this through cohesive engagement with utility owners/operators, designers, contractors and other stakeholders. Our goal, operating on your behalf, is uncovering and resolving issues early in the project delivery process, identifying the most efficient, cost-effective solutions. Simply stated, GEL Solutions works to ensure your project’s greatest success.

Effective utility coordination requires a high level of experience in all aspects of project development. Whether utilities are wet or dry, overhead or underground, GEL Solutions personnel are experienced in project planning, construction, regulatory compliance, and utility standards.  GEL Solutions is prepared to navigate the technical and bureaucratic complexities involving utility conflict resolution, thereby streamlining your Project for success.

  • Designs, plans and specifications
  • Cost negotiations and financial responsibilities
  • Project utility provisions
  • Utility records research including prior rights
  • Coordination between jurisdictional agencies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Utility conflict analysis and resolution
  • Utility relocation plans and timelines
  • Avoids unnecessary costs and delays
  • Promotes cooperation, helping ensure compliance and satisfaction among stakeholders
  • Reduces general public impacts involving construction and utility delays
  • Outlines a pathway assisting you in confidently executing your design and construction plans


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